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6 advantages tell you why you choose a small roller

As we all know, small Road Rollers are very popular among users because of their small size, convenience and flexible operation. Compared with large road rollers, small road rollers can not only replace large road rollers, but also can be used in some narrow areas. The advantages of small rollers compared with large rollers are expounded from the six aspects of cost, construction scope, storage space, service life, operation methods, and maintenance.



The cost of small rollers is much cheaper than that of large rollers, which is economical and practical, so it can be called "good quality and low price".

Construction scope

Small-scale road rollers can enter some relatively narrow construction sites at will, which is not available and irreplaceable for large-scale road rollers, so it can be called a "monopoly advantage".

storage space

The small roller has a simple structure and a small footprint, which is very advantageous whether it is used or stored, so it can be called "portable advantage".

Service life

The small road roller is very fine in workmanship. Generally, the appearance is treated with plastic spraying, which is not easy to rust and greatly prolongs its service life, so it can be called "usage advantage".

How to operate

The small roller is easy to operate. Because the whole machine itself is relatively light, it is very convenient to operate. As long as the operator with relevant knowledge can operate it, it is called "the fool's advantage".


The small roller is easy to maintain, and the entire structure of the equipment is simple, because it is very simple to eliminate certain faults and maintain the equipment. Therefore, it is called "easy maintenance type advantage".


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