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Difference between diesel engine and gasoline engine of small roller

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      The engine of small roller can be divided into diesel engine and gasoline engine. There must be many people who prefer diesel engine. However, some people will choose small road rollers with gasoline engines. So is diesel engine better or gasoline engine better? Therefore, further in-depth analysis is needed. The mixing of diesel engine fuel and steam is carried out in the combustion chamber, and the diesel injected under high pressure enters the combustion chamber. After compression and self-ignition, it works in the way of fuel injection and combustion. This method can not avoid causing the fuel mixture to be uneven, and local hypoxia will occur during the combustion process. The fuel is carbonized under high temperature and hypoxia, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion.

      The molecule of gasoline is smaller, it is easier to mix with air, and it is not easy to separate from air in the mixing state. The mixture of gasoline and air is relatively uniform, and there is basically no condition that the density of gasoline in the mixture is too low or too rich. Therefore, gasoline engine has strong volatility, while diesel engine is difficult to volatilize. In cold winter, the gasoline engine adopts ignition combustion, which is easy to operate. When the temperature of diesel oil is reduced to a certain degree, the inferior oil will appear solidified objects, and the oil pipe will often be frozen, making it difficult to operate. The oil tank needs to be filled with hot water or preheated for several times before operation.


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