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How to park the small road roller in the rainy season?

In summer, we often encounter sudden rainstorms, and the mechanical equipment in outdoor construction will stop working, and the equipment that does not work needs to find a safe parking place. Equipment such as small Road Rollers may be used under some mountains or in natural disaster rescue places. If it rains, how to choose a parking place?

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1. First of all, visually observe and judge that the surrounding geographical environment is safe, stay away from rivers or hillsides that may cause landslides, and it is not a good parking place under the big trees. It is easy to be struck by lightning in thunderstorms, and if the trees are in strong winds, if Being blown down on a roller can also cause huge losses.

2. Choose a place with a solid road for parking. It is best to park on cement or asphalt. However, the places where our small road rollers work generally have few cement roads, and most of them work in the field. Time parking should be selected on a solid ground, and try to avoid parking on the filled ground.

It is necessary to install anti-skid chains on small road rollers to increase the safety factor. The installation of anti-skid chains should be carried out in advance, and do not start installation when encountering extreme environments. Such a hasty installation is unsafe and more troublesome. If it is a special case, safety warning signs must be placed before and after the roller. Do not install snow chains when the air pressure is not enough. Secondly, the sizes of the main snow chains are different, and the size of the wheel hub and the wheel width should match the size of the snow chains. After installing snow chains, pay attention that the speed of the roller should not be too fast, and also pay attention to avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration causing damage to the snow chains.

It is particularly important to park the roller in the rainy season. If possible, it is best to park it in the garage, and try to avoid parking in an excessively humid environment. Anti-rust operation is very important, and the machine should be started and driven once a month for long-term parking to charge the battery. After the machine is stored for a long time, the grease on the piston rod should be wiped dry, and each part should be filled with grease. When the machine is parked, keep the working device dry and clean, and do not get water in, so as not to rust and make the machine inconvenient to operate.


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