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What are the advantages of small rollers compared to large rollers?

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1. Price advantage

Needless to say, the price advantage is the same as buying a house. A small-sized house is definitely much cheaper than a large-sized house. The production cost of small rollers is lower than that of large rollers, so the price will naturally be lower.

2. Special working conditions

Due to its small size, small Road Rollers can handle some problems that large road rollers cannot handle, such as the compaction of rural roads or residential roads and corners. When pipes, culverts, passages, abutments and other structures are backfilled during highway construction, large road rollers cannot. A compaction job that works in this work area.

3. Driving convenience

The operation skills of small rollers are much simpler than those of large rollers, and basically only operators with relevant knowledge can operate them.

Fourth, the area

The small size of the small roller makes it small in footprint and easy to store.

The above points are the obvious advantages of small rollers compared with large rollers. For engineering people, how to save costs has always been a concern of users. The cost of small road rollers is much cheaper than that of large road rollers. It can be used for compacting soil, asphalt roads, sidewalks, bridges and culverts, parking lots, sports venues and Compaction in narrow sites is economical and practical.


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