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What should I pay attention to when choosing a small roller?

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01The transmission mode is the core

Vibratory rollers have gradually become the buyer's choice in the small roller market due to the advantages of good compaction effect, good stability, high production efficiency, wide application range, low machine consumption, long service life and low repair rate. For example, Lutong has vigorously launched the LT vibration compaction series, which can not only meet the needs of current and future use, but also greatly enhance work efficiency, save labor and material costs, and gain a large number of loyal users.

02 Pavement material is the premise

When purchasing a small Road Roller, you should also fully analyze the pavement material. For example, tire-type road rollers need to be selected when working on asphalt pavements, while road rollers of other materials (such as cement concrete, soil, gravel, gravel, gravel mixture and other non-sticky materials) mainly use steel-wheel-type road rollers. However, if you want to compact the subgrade layer of some advanced pavements, tire rollers are also recommended.

03 Equipped with parts is basic

If the first two are the prelude to the purchase process of a small road roller, the main part is the accessories. The equipment and components of a machine are directly related to whether the roller can carry the word "good"! In fact, it is very simple to define the pros and cons of a product. The key lies in "is it easy to use and durable enough". Only by letting users truly feel the convenience and benefits can the value of this roller be truly realized and recognized.


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