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What is the approximate operating temperature of each component of road roller

Small road rollers are suitable for urban roads and road maintenance. They are also suitable for pipe trench construction, construction projects, pipeline backfilling, and compaction work in sports field construction projects, as well as lawn maintenance operations.

In the operation of small rollers, each component has its own normal temperature range. If the general cooling water temperature is 80-90 ℃, the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic transmission system is 30-60 ℃. If it is less than or even exceeds this range, it will accelerate the damage of the parts, leading to the phenomenon of material performance transformation.

Small rollers also need to avoid overloading in low temperature environments during use, ensuring normal operation during the low speed preheating period, and allowing the equipment to exceed the required ambient temperature before driving and working.

It is inevitable that equipment will encounter common faults during use. After any abnormalities occur, we should immediately shut down for inspection. It is certain that without resolution, the mechanical equipment will be overloaded. If the equipment is overloaded like that, it can only cause serious harm to the parts. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the working conditions of the cooling system of the road roller.

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What is the problem with the difficult operation of small rollers?

1、 Air filter and valve

1. Due to the harsh working environment of some small road rollers, the accumulated stains on the air filter for a long time are blocked and the gas enters the combustion chamber, resulting in insufficient oxygen during combustion of gasoline and diesel, making it impossible to start. Replace the air filter with a cleaning method.

2. Valve adjustment is very anxious in diesel engines, as small gaps can lead to steam leakage, landing of output power, anxious cylinder sealing, burning of rings and carbon deposits, and even cylinder collision with piston rods. Too large a gap can cause the engine to exhaust insufficiently, resulting in unclean exhaust pipes and landing of output power. It also promotes an increase in the number of collisions between crankshaft and connecting rod components, leading to damage. Over time, it can cause irreversible harm to the engine of a 3-ton small roller car. If you encounter this situation and cannot run it, your 3-ton small roller has already been in the repair shop, so valve adjustment needs to be operated by professional technical personnel.

2、 Aging and counterfeit materials of lubricating grease

1. The internal lubricating oil of small roller engines has been used for too long and aged, resulting in significant production scheduling. Especially in winter, the large residue of lubricating grease makes it necessary for car engines to run continuously several times. When encountering this situation, it is necessary to check if the lubricating grease is missing. If it is missing, the residual lubricating grease with poor quality must be replaced with a new lubricating grease.

2. Under the premise of relatively low temperature, fake and inferior diesel engines have too much residue in the oil that does not meet the standard purity, resulting in blockage of the oil management system provided by solid paraffin in the oil pipeline.

3、 Battery failure

In winter, the battery storage capacity used by the overall body of small road rollers decreases with the landing of environmental temperature, resulting in unstable idle speed due to insufficient battery power. This requires replacing or repairing the battery.


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