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How to handle the heat dissipation of road rollers


How to handle the heat dissipation of small rollers?

For technical personnel operating small rollers, it should be understood that poor heat dissipation during mechanical operation can directly affect the lifespan of the machinery or damage to components.

2. When a small roller encounters a situation where the coolant temperature is too high and the hydraulic system cannot dissipate heat properly, it is necessary to determine whether the coolant temperature in the heat dissipation box is normal and replace the coolant in the heat dissipation box. If high temperature occurs again after replacing the coolant, it should be due to the leakage of the built-in storage tank in the heat dissipation box. It is necessary to clean or replace the components in the heat dissipation box in a timely manner.

3. After replacing the coolant for a small roller, the heat dissipation temperature did not increase for a period of time, indicating that the heat dissipation problem has been resolved.

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