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How to maintain a small roller?

NOTE: Do not use a rollover device to lift the machine. Regularly check whether the bolts of the anti-rollover device are loose every month, and fix them if they are loose.

NOTE: Do not use the machine without a rollover device, the anti-rollover device is used to protect the operator in a rollover accident.

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Disconnect the battery before making any electrical repairs to the machine

If you want to store the machine for more than 30 days

  Please use up fuel and water.

  Please open the water valve to drain the water and dry the water tank.

  Please change the engine oil.

  Please clean the heat sink.

  Please set the connecting rod at the hinge.

  Please remove the battery and charge it regularly.

  Please cover the entire machine and place it in a dry, protective area.

If it falls into one of the following situations, the three guarantees will not be implemented, and the maintenance will be charged.

1. Failure and damage caused by the use of inferior oil.

2. Failure and damage caused by the operation, maintenance and storage methods not following the instruction manual.

3. The non-company undertakes the three guarantees of repairs, and the behavior of dismantling and repairing without authorization causes damage.

4. Failure and damage caused by irresistible external force.

5. Parts and wearing parts that can be considered as natural wear and tear: air filter, clutch centrifugal block, spark plug, V-belt, etc.


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