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The role of rubber rollers and the importance of rollers in use

Rubber wheel Road Rollers and double-drum road rollers are generally used when paving asphalt concrete pavements; the role of rubber-wheel road rollers is to enhance the fit between asphalt concrete aggregates and aggregates and enhance the compactness; double-drum road rollers The function is to shape and compact the asphalt concrete, as well as to ensure the smoothness of the asphalt concrete pavement and reduce the wheel marks of the pavement.


Pneumatic tires are used for the rollers, generally 3 to 5 front wheels and 4 to 6 rear wheels. Such as changing the inflation pressure can change the ground pressure, the pressure adjustment range is 0.11 ~ 1.05 MPa. The tire-type road roller adopts hydraulic, hydraulic or mechanical transmission system, double-drive or three-drive motor drive, and three-point support of wide-base tire articulated frame structure. The compaction process has a kneading effect, so that the particles of the compacted layer are not damaged but embedded and evenly dense. Good maneuverability and fast running speed (up to 10 km/h), used for compaction of engineering cushions such as roads and airports.


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